‘Loveable hooligan’ Bobby just needs someone to play with

Bobby is a 4-year-old Bulldog cross who was signed over to Wadars for rehoming after his family had a new baby and were scared that he was too lively for them.

He is a very friendly dog and despite being a big lad, Bobby is submissive with other dogs and rather scared of cats!

He does need a bit of work in a home where he would need to receive some general training, but Bobby is basically a good boy who loves playing with his toys. Whilst he has been around children before, an adult home is probably best as he can be quite bouncy. He is a very friendly boy who just needs someone who will work with him to temper his boundless enthusiasm.

Bobby has been looking for a new home since last August and is one of a number of bull breeds currently with Wadars. At the time of going to print the charity is also looking for homes for two Staffies; a Rottweiler; an American Bulldog cross, and a Mastiff cross.

 To find out more about offering a home to Bobby or one of the other dogs in the care of Wadars, call 01903 247111 or log onto www.wadars.co.uk

Billy celebrates 21 years as part of the Wadars animal welfare team

Wadars has been rescuing wildlife and rehoming companion animals for the past 50 years, and for almost half of that time, Billy Elliot has been a rescue officer with the charity.

Before joining Wadars Billy ran a car body repair business in Worthing and knew about the work of the charity as he had been responsible for maintaining its fleet of animal ambulances for several years.

Speaking about what he enjoys most about the role of Animal Rescue Officer, Billy said; “It sounds like a cliché, but with this job no two days are alike, and you could never get bored. Obviously, it’s very rewarding when animals go to their new homes, but I also really enjoy the wildlife rescue side of my role.”

“Wadars is unique in as much as we work with both domestic and wild animals. We work closely with several other animal welfare organisations including the RSPCA and Brent Lodge Wildlife Hospital as well as with a number of local vets, and I believe that joint working is key to being able to do the very best that we can for animals.”

Billy works alongside fellow animal rescue officers, Elaine Sinclair and Julie Brewer, and between them they provide a seven day a week service in and around the Worthing area.

 Looking to the future Billy concluded; “The fact that we now have our cattery open at our Ferring site is brilliant news and a great step on road to eventually having all of our animals here. We do come across some extremely sad situations in our line of work, but we also meet a lot of good people who want to do the best for animals, and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.”

Snowy and friends just need some bunny to love

Since it was founded in 1969, Wadars animal rescue has been known for its work with both wildlife and domestic animals, and whilst for most people that means dogs and cats, over the years the charity has also found forever homes for hundreds of rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small ‘fluffies’.

Among them have been a number of rabbits which have had special needs and therefore require homes where they can live as indoor bunnies. One such little girl is Snowy, who is currently with Wadars looking for a new home.

Snowy who appears to be deaf and has an involuntary head wobble, probably caused by an infection in the womb or at birth, doesn’t have the ‘flight’ instinct which is why she needs to live indoors where she will be safe. She is otherwise a very healthy and happy 18-month-old girl.

Wadars is looking for an indoor home for Snowy, where she can live with her own cuddly bunny.

 The charity also has a number of other rabbits looking for homes, so if you are interested in finding out more about adopting Snowy or another of the bunnies, please call Wadars on 01903 247111.

Do your bit to support 50 years of caring for animals by taking part in Walk for Wadars this May

It costs Wadars more than £400,000 a year to fund the various services that it provides in the local community and as the charity receives no statutory income, it relies on the generosity of local people to keep it afloat.

During its 50th birthday year, Wadars is hoping that its annual Walk for Wadars event will be bigger and better than ever and raise thousands of pounds towards its work.

The event takes place on Sunday 12th May and is a 5-mile sponsored walk which starts at Goring Gap Green near the Sea Lane Café and goes right along the prom to Worthing Pier and back. The route is flat and is suitable for young and old alike. Walk for Wadars is free to enter but all participants are asked to raise sponsorship for the charity, and organisers hope that this year money raised through the event will top the £10,000 mark.

Participants don’t need to have a dog to take part, but well behaved two and four legged friends are all welcome to enter!

 Anyone interested in taking part will need to fill out an entry form, and can do so either by visiting the charity’s website (www.wadars.co.uk) or calling 01903 247111 and asking for a form to be emailed or posted to them.

Wadars acts as the local wildlife emergency service

From time to time Wadars rescue officers are called out to deal with larger types of wildlife including trapped or injured deer.


One such call was dealt with by Wadars senior animal rescue officer, Billy Elliot, who responded to a call from the Warden at the RSPB’s Pulborough Brooks nature reserve, reporting two young stags that were caught in some discarded fencing. Not only were they both caught up, they were actually tethered to each other by the wire which was caught around both sets of antlers.


Billy and the Warden eventually managed to remove the wire and the younger of the two deer immediately took off, whilst the older one was exhausted from trying to escape from the tangle and had almost drowned in the boggy ground.


Rather than take him away, the decision was taken to move the exhausted animal to drier ground and leave him to recover, which he did and eventually disappeared back into the undergrowth none the worse for his ordeal!