If you find yourself in a position which means that you need to find a new home for your cat, dog, or small animal, then please complete the relevant form at the bottom of this page. We know that this can be a very difficult process and will try to help where we can.

A member of the team will then review the form and if necessary, call you back to take some additional details. We will then discuss it with our Animal Welfare Team and decide whether we are able to help. 

It is not always possible for us to take in an animal, either because we are full, or if an animal has a medical or behavioural condition which means that it is not suitable for rehoming. In that case we would advise you to speak with your vet about your options, or give you contact details for other organisations who might be able to help.

Please do be completely honest about your reasons for wanting to rehome your pet as this will help us to make the best decision about the way forward.

If we can help, a member of the team will ask for additional details about your pet and its likes and dislikes so that we can find the best match for them in their new home.

When taking in an animal for rehoming we do ask for a contribution towards its keep – there is no set price for this and anything you can donate will help. On average it costs Wadars more than £800 to care for and rehome a dog, and over £500 for a cat. This includes the cost of veterinary check-ups, and in many cases neutering, vaccinating, treating for fleas and worms, as well as kennelling fees until a home can be found. On average an animal will stay with us for a month before finding a new home.

If you would like to proceed with an enquiry about rehoming your pet, then please complete one of the online forms below (please note that we are currently operating with a reduced team so it might take a couple of days before we can respond to your enquiry).