Wadars Animal Rescue Centre begins

This is a very exciting time for Wadars as we continue to develop our Animal Rescue Centre in Ferring. We have already completed the construction of a purpose-built cattery for the rehoming of cats and kittens, and also developed a small animal unit from where we rehome a range of animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and rats.

We have rehomed cats, dogs, kittens and puppies in the community for the last 55 years, but previously all of our animals were either cared for in commercial catteries and kennels or with our volunteer fosterers until suitable forever homes could be found. Having our own cattery and small animal unit means that a whole range of companion animals looking for their forever homes are now cared for by our dedicated Wadars Animal Welfare Team.

At any one time, up to 34 cats can be receiving care in our specialist purpose-built facility, which includes an animal intake and assessment room and a food preparation area as well as a separate isolation unit.


Purpose Built Cattery

Each cattery pen consists of a large bedroom area leading to an enclosed run. With each pen individually heated, the bedroom can be closed off from the run during periods of cold weather. Several pens have lift-out sections which enable us to accommodate larger groups of cats if they have come from the same home or utilise it as a maternity unit for a new mum.

Having the new cattery means that we can take-in and rehome a far greater number of cats than we have previously been able to, and for the more nervous individuals, a team of volunteer cat socialisers come in and spend time with them in the comfort and safety of their pen.

Small Animal Unit

Away from the cattery, we have developed a small animal unit. In 2023 Wadars received almost 250 requests to take in and rehome small pets including rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Sadly, rabbits are one of the most neglected pets in the UK, and our team runs a number of pet care and animal handling courses throughout the year to ensure the best possible future for animals looking for new homes. 

George & Wilbur JANE 1st Nov

Away from the Centre

In addition to the animals that we care for at our Centre, we also rescue many hundreds of sick, orphaned, and injured wildlife each year. In 2023 our team of rescue officers responded to more than 1,200 calls from members of the public who were concerned about wildlife in their area.

Over the Spring and Summer months our wildlife helpline deals with up to 50 calls a day, many of those relating to birds that have fallen from their nests. Our officers spend their days returning chicks to nests or when injured, taking wildlife to local vets. 

We desperately need your support to make all of this a reality

Although we have now completed the cattery build and developed the small animal unit, the cost of running them runs into many thousands of pounds each year. Please make a donation today to help us rescue, rehabilitate and care for wildlife and companion animals. 


How your donation could help

  • £20 could provide a bed for one of the cattery pens
  • £50 could pay for hay, straw, and enrichment toys for a pair of guinea pigs for three months
  • £80 could pay for one cat to be neutered
  • £100 could pay for the items required to completely kit-out a cattery pen, including an igloo-style cat bed; litter tray; scratching post; food & water bowls; toys; and dustpan & brush
  • £130 could pay for a rabbit to be neutered and vaccinated
  • £450 could provide a cat with an initial veterinary assessment and treatment, and a warm, safe environment until it can be found a new home

Whatever support you can give will help us to care for even more cats, kittens, and small animals until they can be rehomed.

You can support us by