Every year, Wadars receives hundreds of phone calls from members of the public who have lost or found a variety of different animals. While most of these calls relate to cats and dogs, we also receive calls about rabbits, snakes, ferrets, aviary birds and the occasional tortoise!

To report a lost cat or any other type of lost pet (eg dog; rabbit; tortoise; bird) please click here and complete the online form. You will also be able to upload photos of your pet. When you submit the form, you will receive an automatic reply which includes advice about who else to notify.

If you have found what you believe to be a lost or stray animal, please call us on 01903 247111 and a member of the team will take down some details.

See below for other organisations to contact and advice about what you can do regarding a found cat.

lost and found animals

If you have lost your cat there are a number of things you can do

  • contact local vets and animal charities to register your pet as lost
  • ask neighbours to check their sheds, garages, and other outbuildings in case the cat is locked in
  • put up posters around the area in which you live - always try and use a really clear photo, and also add the photo and details to local social media pages as well as your own
  • call the cat late at night when there is little noise outside 
  • contact your chip company to advise them that the cat is missing
  • cats have a strong sense of smell, so put familiar scents outside. Use the litter from their litter trays, their bed or blankets, even some of your own unwashed clothes or the contents of you hoover
  • Put out strong smelling food in the evening or at night, such as tuna
  • Speak to your postman and any recent delivery companies 
If you have found what you believe is a stray cat:
  • DO NOT FEED THE CAT - unless advised to by a vet or charity. If you feed the cat it is very unlikely to want to go home! 
  • check with neighbours to make sure that it doesn't belong to one of them
  • contact local vets and charities to see whether it has been reported to them as lost - they might also be able to check it for a microchip
  • put up posters in the local area - always try and use a really clear photo, and also add the photo and details to local social media pages as well as your own
  • Wadars can send you some paper collars to put on the cat (if it is friendly) which would alert the owner that it is thought to be a stray and asks them to contact you
  • if the cat is unwell or injured, please contact Wadars for further advice
  • Cats are free roaming animals sometimes with large territories. It is therefore important to establish if a found cat is actually a stray. You may have had new people move into the area so are now seeing a cat you didn’t see before


If you have lost or found a dog in the Worthing or Adur area, call Adur & Worthing Councils Dog Section on
01903 221064

Other organisations to contact if you have lost or found an animal

  • Cats Protection (Worthing) – 01903 200332
  • Cat & Rabbit Rescue – 01243 967111
  • Worthing Cat Welfare Trust – 07340 986609
  • RSPCA Patcham (Brighton) – 01273 554218
  • RSPCA Mount Noddy (Chichester) - 01243 773359
  • Dogs Trust (Shoreham by Sea) – 01273 452576