‘Loveable hooligan’ Bobby just needs someone to play with

Bobby is a 4-year-old Bulldog cross who was signed over to Wadars for rehoming after his family had a new baby and were scared that he was too lively for them.

He is a very friendly dog and despite being a big lad, Bobby is submissive with other dogs and rather scared of cats!

He does need a bit of work in a home where he would need to receive some general training, but Bobby is basically a good boy who loves playing with his toys. Whilst he has been around children before, an adult home is probably best as he can be quite bouncy. He is a very friendly boy who just needs someone who will work with him to temper his boundless enthusiasm.

Bobby has been looking for a new home since last August and is one of a number of bull breeds currently with Wadars. At the time of going to print the charity is also looking for homes for two Staffies; a Rottweiler; an American Bulldog cross, and a Mastiff cross.

 To find out more about offering a home to Bobby or one of the other dogs in the care of Wadars, call 01903 247111 or log onto www.wadars.co.uk