Everyone at Wadars would like to thank and congratulate Matt Shepherd for completing the Brighton Marathon for Wadars in 5 hours, 27 minutes and 26 seconds. An amazing achievement, 26 minutes off his time from last year!

Here is a picture of Matt following his excellent marathon run on Sunday. As you can see he is rather pleased with himself! Again, well done from everyone at Wadars.

If you would like to support Matt and donate to us, please visit his Just Giving page by clicking here.

Thank you.

Barney. Now Ready for a New Home!
See Dogs section for more details.

Barney came to us at Wadars after he became very ill.

We believe that he originally came from a puppy farm in Wales as he was bought via an advert in a free local publication or over the internet.

It is widely recognised that puppies bought from such establishments often come with very serious medical problems as the "farmers" save money by not having their animals checked over by a vet or vaccinated.

Also, birth defects can be caused because the breeding bitches have far too many litters in quick succession and at an age where reputable breeders would have retired them.

We urge anyone interested in getting a puppy to make sure they do the necessary research into the purchase.

They should always insist on seeing the puppy with it's mother and not buy puppies from people who only have a mobile phone number or who advertise on the internet.

If you really want a pedigree puppy, there are many reputable breeders around who can be found via the Kennel Club.

Better still, why not rescue a dog from an organisation like us. You know it makes sense.

Now, back to Barney.

What the Vet said.

Barney was born with an abnormal blood vessel going around the liver. This should have closed on its own but remained open causing blood to bypass the liver. This by-passing effect has meant that the blood has not been filtered by the liver in the normal way. This causes toxins to build-up which effects behaviour and growth.

The abnormal vessel has been partially closed at surgery and will continue to close over the next 10 - 14 days. Slowly the liver will adapt to having the blood filter through and this should allow Barney to grow normally. Most dogs do very well post surgery but occasionally the liver can't cope with the increased blood flow and some cases will develop ascites (fluid in the belly).

At present he is making an excellent recovery and we are very pleased with his progress.

The future for Barney

The vets have told us that we must watch for any swelling in Barney's tummy over the next week. It is still early days for him but he will be well looked after at our fosterer's home.

How You Can Help

We never know what animals are going to come in to us at Wadars or what problems they may have, and in these straightened times, our resources are already pushed to the limit.

We understand that many of our supporters have been affected by the credit crunch, but we are appealing for donations to help cover the cost of Barney's treatment, which is considerable.

If you would like to help Barney and other animals like him, you can visit the Donations page on this web-site to make a donation via Virgin Money Giving.

Alternatively, you can visit the Just Giving web-site where you will find details of a lady called Vanessa Tobias, who is taking part in the Warrior Run at Albourne on 30th April and collecting donations for Wadars in memory of her friend Dee who was a great supporter of ours and a passionate animal lover.

Thank you in advance from Barney and all of us here at Wadars.

A Bright New Future in 2014

It is with tremendous excitement that we look towards a new home and renewed hope for WADARS in 2014.

This year has seen our workload increase even further. We have already rehomed more than 500 cats, dogs and other companion animals, and rescued and released more than 1,500 wild creatures back to their natural environment.

One of our greatest challenges year on year is meeting the ever increasing cost of caring for our animals. It is a huge mountain that we climb, needing to raise some £150,000 for kennelling costs alone every single year.

Our smallest animals and those in need of the most special care are looked after by our team of dedicated volunteer fosterers. But the majority of our animals are looked after in commercial catteries and kennels.

After many years of fruitless searches, we have now found the perfect site to make a permanent home for the entire charity. Early in January sees us complete the purchase of a cottage and stables in Hangleton Lane, Ferring, from which we will establish a permanent base for all our rescue and rehoming work.

Our move to Ferring has only been made possible because of the incredible generosity of the late Denise Sandberg. Her legacy has meant a real and lasting legacy for the sustainable future of WADARS and we are all so very grateful to her.

This is only the beginning; we will need to raise sufficient funds to convert the stables and we will still need to raise around £400,000 every year for vet fees, food, heating and our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation work.

At the heart of WADARS is the dedication and support of our many volunteers who give so tirelessly of their time and love for our animals.

Charity manager, Julie Toben, says "Once we move to Ferring, we will still need our volunteer fosterers for the most precious of our rescued animals plus a whole army of helpers from manning the phones and raising much needed funds, to hands on work with the animals and of course, your generous donations".

Follow our website during 2014 to keep in touch with our progress at Ferring and for details of new and exciting volunteer opportunities.

To help us on our way, you can donate now by going to our donations page.

Thank you.

Welcome to WADARS....
YOUR local Charity

Based in Worthing, West Sussex (UK), WADARS was established in 1969, and is a Registered Charity, No.1149884. Our main objectives are the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife, and the rescue and rehoming of domestic animals.

We rely solely on Membership, Donations, Legacies and Fund Raising to keep us running.

Please use the tabs on the left to find out more about our work, the animals we have available for adoption, and how you can help us.

Click here for details of a new opportunity to work with us.

To all our Supporters

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who donated either money, towels, blankets and food etc to us over the Christmas period. We understand that finances are always stretched at this time of year and we greatly appreciate your support.

Thanks again from all of us at Wadars.

(See Latest News for more stories about Christmas donations).

What a wonderful waggie day was had by all

The Wadars Dog Show & Country Fete held at Clapham & Patching village hall on the 25th August 2013 was a dog show with a mixture of stalls, games and fun for all the family.

But most of all, there were hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes and their owners, all coming together to support their local animal charity. It was an amazing site to see. There were tails wagging, ice creams melting, face painting, music playing and the number of dog registrations for the dog show was as heart-warming as the sunshine.

I hope everyone that attended the event had a wonderful day, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that attended this event, whether you were a volunteer, stallholder, or a member of the public along with your four legged friend.

Thank you for supporting your local animal charity.

Channel 5 - Cowboy Traders
"Puppies" - Watch it on the web

This programme, filmed last Autumn, investigates the activities of a West Sussex puppy trader, and the issues around this type of business.

It starts with the heartbreak of two families whose puppies died very soon after they bought them, and moves on to secret filming of the purchase of a further two puppies by a Channel 5 team.

It then follows these puppies' veterinary treatment, and their transfer to WADARS, who took them in and re-homed them.

The programme is well worth a look, and can now be seen via the Channel 5 website:

Just one telephone number: 01903 262828

This is the one number to ring for all our services, including animal rescue, pet rehoming, and administration.

Follow us on Facebook!

We now have a Facebook page, where you can keep track of many of our activities, and add your comments on our rescues, animals available for re-homing, and fund-raising activities.

You can go straight to the page by clicking

Over 65s get pets micro-chipped free!

Thanks to a grant made by The Body Shop Foundation, WADARS are able to offer a completely free pet micro-chipping service for anyone over the age of 65, who lives in the Worthing, Littlehampton, Arundel, Pulborough, Lancing and Shoreham areas.

The scheme is a simple way to make sure that should anyone lose their pet, and it is found, it will be returned to them as quickly as possible.

Taking part in the scheme is simple:
1. Ring WADARS on 01903 262828 to obtain a free voucher, and a list of veterinary practices working with us on the scheme.
2. Ring a veterinary practice near you to arrange an appointment.
3. Take your pet and the voucher along to the vet for the procedure, which involves a microchip, no bigger than a grain of rice, being inserted under the skin of your pet.
4. Complete a simple registration form.

That's it!

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