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Based in Worthing, West Sussex, WADARS is a leading animal rescue charity and has been providing protection of animals of all kinds in need of care and attention since 1969.

Like you, we understand that animals enrich our lives; we also know they cannot speak for themselves and need protection.

WADARS rescues and rehabilitates more than 1,500 injured and orphaned wildlife and re-homes over 600 unwanted or abandoned pets every year.

Our team of animal rescue officers respond to calls from the general public where animals are in peril and during the summer months, can receive more than 50 calls a day.

We receive no government funding and rely on donations and legacies from the community to make all this possible. If you love animals, please donate now.

Cat Of The Week


I am an all black, female pussy cat of about 18 months old.

I used to be an indoor cat but my previous owner felt that I needed to be out in a garden. I was so unhappy in the cattery there were grave doubts about my future.

My short-term fostering has ended and I cannot go back to the cattery, so it really is my turn to find a new loving home.

I am still a bit shy but given time, my personality will shine through as I'm beginning to relax.

Dog Of The Week

Why does nobody want me?

The lovely people at Wadars are very surprised that I haven't been snapped up yet so they've decided to make me dog of the week. Why has nobody chosen me because I am proper lovely?

When people see me in the kennels I do jump up a lot but that's only because I am so excited to have visitors. I would like to live with someone who's energy levels match mine. I am a black lab after all!

Can you fit the bill and give me a forever home. Please. please, please call Wadars and arrange a visit to see me.

WADARS is a registered charity No.1149884 and a company limited by guarantee No.8273985, VAT No.154 7428 96