Adopting a Wadars Pet

What you need to know

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have suspended all rehoming of animals until further notice. We are doing this to protect our staff and ensure that they can continue to look after the animals in our care.

If you would like to adopt an animal from Wadars please call us between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday, or 11am and 3pm Saturday and Sunday on 01903 247111.

Because Wadars is a small, local charity we do carry out some pre adoption checks as well as post adoption home checks. We are generally only able to rehome animals in and around the Worthing area however we sometimes make exceptions with some of our harder to home or older animals

Please do not email us with enquiries about adopting an animal as a member of the team will need to go through a short pre-adoption questionnaire with you.

adoption Process

Following the initial telephone conversation, a member of the Animal Welfare Team will contact you to discuss your application in more detail and any animals that might be suitable for your home and lifestyle. We will then arrange for you to view any suitable pets.

In some cases we carry out pre adoption home checks (for example to check that a garden is suitably fenced) and once that is completed and the paperwork signed/adoption fee paid, you will be able to collect your new pet.

A post-adoption home check is carried out 2-3 weeks after you have taken on the animal. 

This enables Wadars to check that you are happy with your new pet, that it is settling in well, and to offer any advice needed.

Before we place animals in new homes they will always be checked over by a vet, and where necessary they will be vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, and treated for fleas and worms.

Wadars will not place a dog or cat into a new home with other animals unless those animals have already been fully vaccinated (ie within the last 12 months). Proof of vaccination will be required and unfortunately adoption of a Wadars animal cannot proceed without it.

Adoption fees

In order to help recover some of the cost of caring for and rehoming our animals our adoption fees are as below. Any additional donation on top of these amounts is very gratefully received. 

  • DOGS - £130 for dogs over six months of age, £170 for dogs and puppies under six months
  • CATS - £80 for cats over six months of age, £95 for kittens and cats under six months
  • RABBITS - £30
  • GUINEA PIGS - £25