Wadars Animal Rescue Centre begins

This is a very exciting time for Wadars as we develop the first stage of our Animal Rescue Centre in Ferring. This will include the construction of a specialist cattery for the rehoming of cats and kittens, and the development of a small wildlife unit

We have rehomed cats, dogs, kittens and puppies in the community for almost 50 years but we have never before had our own rehoming centre. All our animals have been cared for in commercial catteries and kennels or with our volunteer fosterers until suitable forever homes could be found. The new cattery will mean that cats and kittens looking for new forever homes will be cared for by our specially trained Wadars Animal Welfare Team.

At any one time, up to 34 cats can be receiving care in our specialist purpose-built facility. This will include an animal intake and assessment room and a food preparation area.

Interior Walk-in Style Pen (1)

Purpose Built Cattery

Each cattery pen will consist of a large bedroom area leading to an enclosed run. With each pen individually heated, the bedroom can be closed off from the run during periods of cold weather. Several pens will have lift-out sections which will enable us to accommodate larger groups of cats if they have come from the same home, or a maternity unit for our new mums.

The new cattery will mean that we can take-in and rehome a far greater number of cats than we have previously been able to, and for the more nervous individuals, a team of volunteer cat socialisers will come in and spend time with them in the comfort and safety of their pen

Wildlife Unit

Away from the cattery, we are developing a small wildlife unit within an existing flint barn. The wildlife unit will have space to accommodate up to 30 birds, hedgehogs, and other casualties at a time.

In 2017 Wadars dealt with more than 1,200 birds and other wildlife; by October 2018 we had already passed that figure, so fully expect the unit to be extremely busy throughout the year.


Providing a Fighting Chance

During autumn and winter, we will care for large numbers of hedgehogs who are not heavy enough to survive hibernation. In the Spring we will be caring for numerous baby birds who have either been orphaned or fallen from their nests.

Our wildlife unit will include incubators and heaters as well as pens and cages in which to accommodate wildlife, meaning that they will have a far greater chance of survival and rehabilitation into their natural environment.

We desperately need your support to make all of this a reality

Sadly, providing this level of facility and care doesn’t come cheap.

The total cost to build and equip the cattery and to develop the wildlife unit will be £200,000 and we desperately need your help to raise that money.


How your donation could help

  • £20 could provide a bed for one of the new cattery pens
  • £50 could pay for a wildlife pen in which to house an orphaned hedgehog
  • £100 could pay for the items required to completely kit-out a cattery pen, including an igloo-style cat bed; litter tray; scratching post; food & water bowls; toys; and dustpan & brush
  • £150 could pay for a freezer in which to store food for casualties in the wildlife unit
  • £350 could provide a cat with an initial veterinary assessment and treatment, and a warm, safe environment until it can be found a new home
  • £500 could pay for an incubator in which to care for orphaned casualties in the wildlife unit
  • £3,000 could provide the equipment needed to fully kit-out the cattery’s animal assessment and treatment room, including an examination table; isolation pens; heat pads; and animal weighing scales

Whatever support you can give will help us to care for even more cats, kittens until they can be rehomed as well as wildlife including hedgehogs, young birds, and other small mammals until they can be released back into the wild.