To adopt a Wadars animal
Call 01903 247111

We would like to request that you do not email us regarding the adoption of dogs, since it is imperative that you speak with a member of the animal welfare team.

Our animal Welfare Officers have the most up-to-date information on the animals we have in our care, and they are best-placed to answer questions about a pet's suitability to your own home environment. They can provide guidance on whether an animal has already been reserved and may even know of other animals due into our rescue centre that are not yet being advertised!

Please note that all WADARS dogs come to you neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. WADARS have also ensured your pet is treated for fleas and worms and has been given a thorough vet check. With this in mind, we ask for a minimum adoption fee of £100.00


Diesel is a medium sized cross Staffie who was originally found as a stray. His owners were eventually traced but due to a change in circumstances they were unable to keep him.

Diesel is 3 years old and has been used to older children.

Give Wadars a call to find out more about adopting Diesel.

Lizzie ** RESERVED **

“Look at my lovely little face. My name is Lizzie and I’m a Bedlington Terrier cross.”

Lizzie hasn’t lived with children in the past and we think she would be best suited to living in a household with no other animals. She has, however, been used to living around chickens and donkeys!

Lizzie is two and a half years old, but hasn’t been walked on the lead very much, so may need guidance with this.

Saffron ** RESERVED **

“Hey there, I'm Saffron, a medium sized cross breed and I’m 18 months old. After being brought over from Romania, I am now looking for a forever home to settle down in.”

Saffron is okay around other dogs but is quite shy and can be nervous at first when she meets new people. She is better suited to a home with older children and would need to be an only pet.

Our rescue officers have been working on socialising Saffron and we are now looking for someone to take her on who will continue to introduce her to the outside world in order to overcome her nerves.


'I am a handsome Labradoodle called Moss and I am looking for a very special new owner.' Moss is just 18 months old. He needs an adult-only home with a very experienced owner, who is able to spend plenty of time training and socialising him. In the home Moss is a lovely boy but he does not like other dogs and needs intensive training to help him overcome this. To discuss Moss in more detail, please call 01903 247111.

Spud ** RESERVED **

Spud is a 4 year old Beagle cross who came into Wadars for rehoming because his owners were moving house and could not take him.

He is good with children and other dogs, but has tended to chase cats....for is probably best not to go with cats!

Spud is a lovely boy but does not like to be left alone for long periods, so would need a home where someone is around most of the time.


Toby is a 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier who is looking for a new home because for personal reasons his owners were no longer able to keep him.

He is good around children and has lived with a female dog before, but can sometimes be a little feisty around other male dogs - however he was not previously castrated so this should now start to improve.

Toby is a friendly lad who is now looking for his forever home.

Molly ** RESERVED **

Hi there, I'm Molly and I am a 3 year old red cocker spaniel.

Molly came into Wadars because her owners had a change in lifestyle which meant that they could no longer keep a pet. She was originally rescued from Ireland, where she was an ex-breeding bitch.

Molly is good with other dogs and cats, but hasn't been around children.

Having previously been a breeding bitch Molly hasn't been socialised very much and also wasn't really walked on a lead, so she needs someone who can spare the time to bring out her character.


Linna is a 5 month old crossbreed who was originally brought to the UK from Romania. Her owners already had another dog and sadly, Linna was too boisterous for her.

Linna has not lived with children or cats as far as we are aware, but is ok with other dogs. She pulls on the lead a bit but is basically just playful and needs some basic manners training!

We are hoping that she will grow into those ears!!!


Pippa is a 9 year old Jack Russell Terrier who came into Wadars because of a change in personal circumstances for her owners.

She has lived with another dog before and is not bothered about cats (she goes nose to nose with them in the garden!). Pippa is also good with children.

To find out more contact Wadars on 01903 247111.