To adopt a Wadars animal
Call 01903 247111

We would like to request that you do not email us regarding the adoption of dogs, since it is imperative that you speak with a member of the animal welfare team.

Our animal Welfare Officers have the most up-to-date information on the animals we have in our care, and they are best-placed to answer questions about a pet's suitability to your own home environment. They can provide guidance on whether an animal has already been reserved and may even know of other animals due into our rescue centre that are not yet being advertised!

Please note that all WADARS dogs come to you neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. WADARS have also ensured your pet is treated for fleas and worms and has been given a thorough vet check. With this in mind, we ask for a minimum adoption fee of £75.00



ĎIím Bailey and Iím a 7 month old black and white terrier who is looking for a loving home.í

Bailey is fine to be homed with older children, and has been known to chase cats, but had never tried to hurt one!

Bailey is good with other dogs and travels well. Bailey is used to being kept on a lead when out for a walk so would need some recall training.

Image by Christian Doyle


'Hello, my name is Neo! Arenít I handsome? I am a 17-month old English Bull Terrier. Are you the person Iíve been waiting for?'

Neo is a friendly boy, and typical of his breed, so he is looking for an experienced home where he would be the only dog.

Why not call Wadars and arrange to come and meet gorgeous Neo?


Hi, Iím Bailey and I am a loveable Beagle. My owner was unable to keep me because he had to have a serious operation on his leg and could no longer walk me. Friends and family tried to pitch in to give me some exercise but sadly my love of food got the better of me and I have piled on lots (and lots) of weight which I now need to lose!

Bailey is 8 years old and is neutered. Bailey has lived with children and is good with other dogs, and despite being a big boy Bailey is wary of cats! We are looking for a home with someone who will ensure that Bailey sticks to his very strict diet and helps him to shed the pounds.


'Wotcha! My name is Rocky and I am a 14-month old Labrador cross. As you can see, I have the most lovely odd-coloured eyes and an unusual spotty tongue. Please come and see me. You might want to take me home!'

Rocky is a very lively boy as you would expect, and he would love to go to an energetic new home, that has the ability to give him the exercise he needs, where he would be happy being out and about.

Rocky is generally OK with other dogs, although maybe some additional socialisation and training would be good.


ĎHi there, Iím Rocco and Iím a 5 month old bundle of energy!í

Rocco is a Patterdale Terrier, who was brought into Wadars when his owners relationship broke down and neither one could keep him. Rocco is used to being around children but is still very much a puppy at heart so can be quite lively.

He is good with other dogs and travels well in the car. As for vicesÖRocco barks at the vacuum cleaner!


ĎMy name is Max and Iím a 1 year old terrier. My owners were unable to keep me because I kept trying to escape from their gardenÖ.Iím still young at heart and need an experienced home with someone who will spend time to train me out of that habit!í
Max is a neutered male, who has lived with another dog and a cat, and is used to being around children. Max also travels well in the car.


'Iím Kheeva and I am a 1 year old medium sized crossbreed who had to be put up for adoption when my owners circumstances changed and they were no longer able to keep me'.

Kheeva is good with other dogs and children, but is not suitable to be rehomed with cats, as she wouldn't hurt a cat but can chase them. Kheeva travels well and is good off the lead once she knows where she is.


'Hi Iím Eddie and Iím a 4 year old neutered Beagle cross who came into the care of Wadars when my ownerís circumstances changed and they could no longer keep me.'

Eddie is now looking for a loving home and although he has never lived with children, is a very friendly lad who is used to living with a cat and has always been fine when heís out and about meeting other dogs. Eddie also travels well in the car.


'Hi Iím Dexter and Iím a 3 year old neutered male border collie cross. Wadars took me in when my ownerís lifestyle changed so they could no longer keep me.
Dexter is house trained and travels well in the car. He is used to living with children and good with other dogs. Dexter tends to ignore cats but has never actually lived with one. Generally a good boy all round, Dexter is however nervous of loud noises. He needs a little space when out and about, and would prefer an experienced collie owner.


'Iím Tibbs and Iím a 3 year old neutered male terrier. I became homeless because I didnít get on with the other dog in the house.
Tibbs is good with children and whilst he is a bit fretful when travelling in a car, it doesn't make him unwell. Tibbs can be a bit stubborn and would benefit from an experienced owner who can spend time training him properly.


'Hi! My name is Poppy and I am a 10 year-old Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel. I have a beautiful coat and am just looking for a nice new owner. Choose me!í

Poppy has lived with another dog but is unused to cats. She can be a little possessive so requires a little more training, but will make a wonderful loyal companion in the right home.