• Chihuahua cross
  • Male
  • 5 years

Jose is a bright and lively Chihuahua cross who, like many dogs during the pandemic was not used to being left on his own or meeting new people and other dogs. Since being in our care, these issues are being addressed and although he is coming on in leaps and bounds, he is not yet the finished article.

Jose is friendly and intelligent. When it takes his fancy he likes nothing more than a lap to sit on, and he will happily play with you and his toys all day, if he had his way! He also enjoys his walks and will happily walk with or behind other dogs but can still be vocal towards big dogs coming towards him.

Jose is happy to meet older children but is not used to living with young children.

We feel that Jose needs an owner who is committed to carrying on with his socialisation routine as they will be rewarded with a cracking little dog.