Mamma & Scruffy

  • Rabbits
  • Female
  • 1 year (Mamma) and 6 months (Scruffy)

This mother and daughter pair are Mamma and Scruffy. Both girls are curious explorers who love their veg and dandelion treats.

Both rabbits are slowly gaining in confidence around people after not really being handled much in their previous home. Scruffy (the brown angora cross) is the more confident of the two and will come up to you to investigate if you have any food for her and will stick around for a quick head tickle. As Scruffy is so `scruffy` she will require regular grooming sessions which we are working on getting her used to.

Mamma (the white lop) is a more shy girl and gets a lot of comfort from snuggling up to her daughter. This pair are looking for a home without young children and with owners who will be patient with them, understanding that it may take time to build initial trust.