Wadars Christmas Shop 2020

Welcome to the Wadars online Christmas shop. Our cards are available to buy via the downloadable order form. If you wish to purchase anything from our unique Stamp Art, tree decorations, craft or for sale items please e-mail sophia@wadars.co.uk  Any questions inc. pricing of p&p please ask. More items coming soon.....

Christmas Cards

Cats & Dogs
Animals in the Moonlight
Bracing The Snow
All Posted In Time
Rabbits In The Snow

Our fabulous and new for 2020 range of Wadars Christmas cards are now available. There are five designs and each come in packs of 10, and include the words Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please click the order form below to see the full range and sizes of all cards.

Christmas Gifts - Our beautiful and unique Stamp Art is available in black, white or wooden frames £20 inc p&p.

Watchful cat 8x10
Ready for a walk 8x10
Dance 8x10
Paw washing cat 8x10
Reaching cat 8x10
Butterfly 7x5
8x10 elephants
Cat playing with a ball 8x10
Dog playing with a ball 8x10
Biker 8x10

Christmas Crafts

£7 Magnus 17.5cm
£5 Knitted crafts
£4 Knitted crafts
Handmade basket £7
Handmade basket £6
Pin cushions £4 each
£2 Handmade crafts
£3 Knitted crafts
Handmade basket £5
Handmade basket £3

Christmas Tree Decorations

These beautiful handmade Rudolph baubles available in glittery or stripy are £2 each.

Animal baubles £3 each.
£3 each Cat Tree decoration
£3 Dog Tree decoration
Snowmen Peg people £1 each
Clay Paw Prints £2 each.
£3 each
£1 each
Handmade £3 each
3 available £2 each
3 available £2 each
£2 each
3 available
£4 each
Pair £3

Items for sale

Dog bags £4 each
Red diamante collar & lead set £7 2 available
Pampered Paws Dog Hamper £10
Qualy Pup Pet Feeder £20
£25 automatic pet feeder
Festive throw stick £4
Cat toys £3 each
Rudolph & blanket £5
Hide a Toy, Gingerbread Puzzle House £6
Dog toys £3 each
2 medium 1 large £6 each
Small bowl £4
Trendy bowl £5
Double red £6
Cat shaped bowl £6
Butler bowl £6
£5 anti gobble bowl
Small gold colour finish £4
£4 Pet placemat
All wrapped Up £5
Key rings £3 each
Festive apron £5
Stocking for your cat £3 each
Nick & Nora set 3 travel accessories £10
Glamour Puss Pencil case £6
Glamour Puss clutch purse £5
Equestrian wash bag £6
Fluff wash bag £5
Chairman Pug Cushion £10
Alfie £5
Size 7 Mens moccasin slippers £15
Pair of Love heart vases 23cm high £12 inc. delivery.
Little snack bags 25x20cm £5 each
Cup & coaster set £3