Frolicking over Highdown Hill

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday as the supporters of WADARS gathered by the carpark at Highdown Hill. Mrs Corcoran (the mother of Abigail Corcoran at Grove Lodge) very generously volunteered once more to register the walkers and had to call in the help of her daughter due to the volume of attendees!

Brandy raring to go!!

A few of the dogs currently being looked after by staff at North Barn Kennels in Lancing were brought along and had a great time. Brandy was raring to go and Biggy had a lovely time saying hello to everyone.

Biggy & Tara having a chinwag..

Biggy has been in kennels for quite a few months now and he had a great time saying hello to everyone.

Billy was there with his two boys and many, many of the dogs who have come in to the care of WADARS and rehomed by their new owners were there taking part in the walk too. It was a thoroughly enjoyable few hours and as soon as we know the full amount of money raised we will let you know! Once again.... a big THANK YOU!!!!